Annular Total Solar Eclispse
Crater Lake, Oregon
October 13-15, 2023

Columbia Gorge Waterfalls
in Fall
November 2023

Colors of Guatemala
Lake Atitlán and Antigua
February 10-19, 2024

The Great Sandhill Crane Migration
March 2024

Photo Workshops 2023/2024.

Our approach

We focus on:

Simple Learning


Making Great Photos at Amazing locations

Excitement is in the air as we work out the details of our upcoming workshops.  

After experiencing a number of workshops and conducting tours for the past few years, I'm putting what I've learned into making these the most rewarding and fun trips you'll find.  Everyone is equal in my workshops; we don't tolerate arrogance. Whether a novice or expert, each photographer will receive a personalized level of coaching to make the best photos on these exciting adventures.  These trips (other than the Crater Lake Solar Eclipse workshop) are all inclusive-- transportation, lodging, and most meals are included.  Non-photography activities are available on some trips for significant others who want to join in the adventure.  

Annular Total Solar Eclipse in Crater Lake National Park

October 13-15, 2023

An annular total solar eclipse is when the moon travels in front of the sun but does not cover it completely. Instead, at totality there is a "ring of fire" as the sun peeks out from behind the moon.  This year's annular total eclipse will be visible at Crater Lake National Park. The stunning blue lake creates a magical foreground for this spectacular event.  The workshop will include lessons on planning and shooting an eclipse, sunrise and the eclipse over the lake, and an optional night photography lesson and shoot. 

Only 2 spots available.

Guatemala - Color, Mayan Culture, Birds, and Landscape Photography, and Yoga Retreat

February 9 - 19th, 2024

Guatemala is home to rich Mayan culture; its colorful buildings and traditional dress are a photographic gold mine.  We'll be staying in a luxury villa with a view of an active volcano on Lake Atitlán. Tropical forests house over 400 species of exotic birds (including the Quetzal, the national bird), colorful plants, and flowers. We'll also take intimate tours to shoot photos of Guatemalan crafts and lifestyle.  The lovely three-story retreat has an infinity pool and gardens where we can enjoy fresh local fruits and cuisine, daily yoga classes and stretch classes catered to a photographer's tired muscles. Expect a feast of opportunities for the camera and a relaxing retreat.  The trip will finish with a visit to a  a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican archaeological site and the colonial town of Antigua.

Sign up now.  8 spots available. 

Fall in the Columbia Gorge

November 6 - 10th, 2023

The waterfalls in Oregon's Columbia Gorge are stunning any time of year and offer many opportunities to learn how to create gorgeous photos of the flowing water. The autumn colors make for extraordinary photos beyond the typical pictures of these waterfalls with the added bonus that there aren't crowds in the fall. 

Stay tuned to learn more.  Or email us at [email protected] to be sent details in the coming weeks. 

The Great Sandhill Crane Migration

March 18th to 24th 2024

When Jane Goodall declares the Sandhill Crane Migration on the Platt River in Nebraska, "the Greatest animal migration in North America," you know it's spectacular.  After taking a hiatus during covid, I'm back to offer the Sandhill Crane Migration workshop in Nebraska.  Over half-a-million cranes come to the Platt river for a "crane party" of feeding before they go on to their final nesting destinations.  The purring bird calls are deafening and the fly-ins and fly-outs on the river are awe-inspiring.  Experiencing this changed my life.  

We will be shooting from some of the most exclusive locations on the river for close up photos then throughout the day we'll be guided to the best spots with the help of local spotters. 

Stay tuned to learn more.  Or email us at [email protected] to be sent details in the coming weeks. 

One-on-One Scout and Shoot

If you are interested in individual tutoring while scouting amazing locations like Scotland, Canada, South Africa, Cuba, or Southeast Asia, send me an email and let's discuss.