See How Easily You Can Take iPhone/Smartphone Photos
You'll Love and Share

Sign up for the Photos You'll Love iPhone Photography Course and you'll be taking more memorable photos with each lesson. All smartphone users can learn something!




Every time you take a photo, you get one that you love and can't wait to share.  Friends, family, even strangers comment on how they connect to your photos. 

Your photos are no longer stuck in your photos gallery on your phone.  Others can't wait to see the photos you took of your trip or of that birthday dinner or Jill's graduation.  

You smile with pride when you look back at the images you have taken.  Maybe, you print them to hang on your walls.

Why try the Photos You'll Love course? 

  • Written guides let you learn at your own pace rather than carving out time to watch a video. And you can easily refer back to the lesson.
  • Practice assignments are part of your daily life.  Can get them done by taking photos you would probably be taking anyway
  • Monthly live zoom call to get clarification on the lesson. Possibly get personal feedback on your photos and how to apply the lesson to your photography.

Who is this course for?

Well, everyone... but is it for you?  (yes)...  

Anyone who takes photos with their iPhone.  (or other smartphone...most lessons apply)

(And doesn't want to bore others like Uncle Ted did with his old slide shows.)

Parents...(and Fur Baby parents too). Travelers. Foodies. Humans.

Those who want to take better photos for social media.

Those interested in improving their photography techniques
(it doesn't have to be an iPhone!)

$50 OFF

You can still sign up until the end of November. 

how the Course Works



At the beginning of the month, you'll get access to that month's lesson. It may be basics of photography to improve your photos or a particular topic.



During the month you will practice the assignments you received in the lesson.  You will be able to do them any time as you always have your phone with you. 


Q & A and Review Live Zoom Call

You'll receive dates of the zoom call and be able to sign up to attend or send in your question to have it answered

Some of the topics that will be covered in the iPhone Photography Course


Understanding the Basics

Covering the basics of light, composition, and what makes a good photo.

People and Pets

Lessons include how to get photos you'll love of the people and animals in your life.  There will be separate lessons covering each.

Travel and Food

When you are excited to share your experiences, you'll learn how to take photos that make others excited to see them!

...and more...

Including how to shoot special occasions, landscapes, water, flowers, macros and more. 

You can still sign up until the end of November. 

$50 OFF

Our pricing plan


$197.99  $147.99


12 payments

$19.99  $14.99




Billed Quarterly ($90)

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Want to get a taste of how much you can learn?

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Getting to Know Your iPhone Camera Reference Guide


See the most asked questions

Do I need a certain model of iphone?

No.  The lessons include the newest technology, but there will be something for everyone. Still, each newer model will have more camera features that can make it easier to adjust photos or be creative. Those features may not be found on earlier models. (i.e., Some phones only have 2 lenses.)  The Pro models have even more capabilities. 

can I do the course with another phone brand? 

Yes!  I just couldn't include Android phones because each brand has a different camera with different controls and features.  No matter what kind of camera you have, you can do the lessons and get a lot out of it. 

Can I drop out after the first month? 

The first month is a broad lesson that sets you up for further lessons. As it is not indicative of the other topics,  we ask that you give 3 months a try before you request to drop out.  This is offered so you don't feel like you have to commit to a full year, but chances are the lesson you are waiting for will be the one after you drop out!

Can I skip lessons or do them out of order?

It's strongly discouraged to skip lessons or do them out of order.  Each lesson builds on what you have learned before it. Cumulatively, you will gain a mastery of the camera and the techniques to make excellent photos.

what if I miss the zoom call?

The zoom calls will be recorded and you will be able to watch or review them at a later date.

Do you do in person lessons?

Why yes I do!  I am in Oregon and am available to travel for one-on-one trips for iPhone or DSLR camera tours.  Also, come back to the website to see announcements of workshops in the Pacific Northwest and Oregon. 

Still have questions?  Contact us.

My Story

After a lifetime of shooting photos, about 5 years ago my photography really jumped in quality.  Many award-winning professional photographers I knew began to comment on how good my photography had become.  

I was hired to do workshops, tutorials, and lessons. More and more students were requesting lessons on iPhone photography.

Structuring my tutorials into an online course was the natural next step. 

In the past 15 years I have been working as a professional
Travel photographer
Event photographer
Food and product photographer
Pet photographer
...And selling Fine Art photographer selling photos of  wildlife, landscapes, and flowers

I can help you with the full range of photos that you might want to take.  And I've lined up guest photographers to help with the rest.

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