How Do I???

Individual lessons available 

Have a question about how to use focus, exposure, or just get a better photo?  Grab the individual lesson for answers.

Learn without commitment

Okay, it does take commitment to get better photos, but if you don't want to sign up for the year course, you can brush up to learn about specific subjects. 

Learn about Exposure, Focus, Composition, or how to shoot different subjects. With understanding comes comfort, confidence, and fun. 

Concentrating on even one of the photo tools can give you confidence to create awesome pictures

Initial Lessons - the Basics

Learn the basics of photography and how you can apply them to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How do photographers know what to shoot?  How do you find interesting photos at a location or event? Why do the photos of a serious photographer look so good?  Learn how to arrive at a location or an event and see photographs that will be meaningful not just as a reminder but to anyone who views the images.  How to get yourself in the right state of mind to take photos.  How the flow state can help you to take pictures. 

Learn how to expose your photos so your main subject is not too dark or too bright. Learn how to use the tools of the phone's camera to adjust the exposure.  Make creative photos with dramatic lighting that sets a mood. 

Sometimes your phone camera doesn't focus on what you want sharp.  Learn why that happens and how to make your phone's camera focus where you want. Find out why your camera won't focus on an object. Get tips that make it easier to focus at a distance.  Learn the importance of focus in a photo and how to creatively use focus in your photos.

Where you place objects in your image, and the objects you keep out of your image is composition. Composition makes or breaks a photo.  Good composition elevates a photo helping to tell a story, create a mood or a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing piece of art. Bad composition will leave the viewer wondering what's interesting about the photo, and why you shot it. Learn the basic tools of composition and how a good composition will make others ask if you were really shooting with a phone camera.