Total Annular SOLAR Eclipse

Photo Workshop

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

October 13- 15, 2023

Capture the "Ring of Fire" over the beautiful Crater Lake

What better place to experience the awe of the total annular solar eclipse than over the awe-inspiring Crater Lake? 

This magical lake was formed 7700 years ago when a volcanic cone collapsed on itself.  Over time the crater filled, creating the deepest, most pristine lake in the United States.  On a clear day, you've never seen a lake this blue. 

The workshop will be led by nature and night photography workshop teacher Barb Gonzalez who conducts weekly tours and workshops during Spring and Summer in Central Oregon.

What is the difference between a total eclipse and an annular eclipse?

During a total eclipse, the moon completely covers the sun. In an annular eclipse, the moon isn’t as far away, so when the eclipse is at its peak, it doesn’t cover the whole orb of the sun, leaving a “ring of fire” around the moon shadow in the sky.

annular total eclipse ring of fire October 14, 2023

Workshop Details

  • October 13th Evening- learn what to expect and the various ways to plan your photo from timelapse to creating foregrounds to optimizing the location 
  • October 14th 6am- meet at Rim to get set up, on site training, shoot sunrise
  • October 14th 7-11 am -photography penumbra and elipse.
  • TWO DAY Participants - October 14th 4pm- learn about best practices for night photography and move to location for sunset and Milky Way photos. 
  • TWO DAY Participants - October 15th 6 am - optional sunrise shoot. 


Meals and Accommodations are not included.

Lodging: (CALL ASAP to book - can cancel up to 7 days in advance)

Crater Lake Lodge 866.292.6720

Union Creek Resort

Diamond Lake Resort  tel:(541)793-3333

1 Night Companion non-photographer $100

2 Night Companion non-Photographer $120


What do You need to bring (Equipment and other)?

  • Digital Camera (phones will not be enough)
  • Tripod
  • Telephoto lens 
  • Eclipse glasses will be supplied, threaded filter can be supplied or eclipse filter sheet
  • Intervalometer or remote recommended (or knowledge of how to use the one in your camera)
  • Extra Battery
  • Extra memory card
  • Warm jacket, photo gloves, hat, etc., as it can get very cold 

Why Come with Barb Gonzalez?

Barb Gonzalez has been giving lessons and leading tours and workshops for many years. She's not only accomplished and knowledgeable about shooting the night sky and landscapes but has a simple teaching style that anyone can understand.  For the past 20 years she has written about technology as the Simple Tech Guru, writing about difficult technology and photography in simple terms.

Be sure to get travel insurance!

While we will look for backup locations if the weather is completely socked, you should look into travel insurance like to protect your investment.

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