Time to Take Your Photography to the Next Level (and have fun doing it)

Using simple lessons, plain English, and a meet-you-where-you-are approach, you can improve your photography skills. Whether you are shooting with a smartphone or iPhone camera or are ready to better the skills you already have, you'll start taking more photos you'll love. 

iPhone photographer and dslr compare

Don't settle for snapshots, learn how to use your smartphone camera to take photos you'll be proud to share. Photos that will make an impact.  Fun and simple lessons.  Individualized monthly zoom call. 

Need to learn  how to use basic photography tools with your smartphone?  Purchase single lesson e-books

Travel to stunning locations and learn how to get the best photos.  Improve your landscape, wildlife, travel, lifestyle, or street photography.

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Learn to Use Your iPhone Camera to Take Stunning Photos

Perhaps you just tap your iPhone shutter button and hope for the best. Maybe you think you don't have time to learn to use your iPhone and take better photos. Lessons can be so complicated.  With my iPhone camera guide and photography course, you can learn to take stunning photos in a few simple steps--photos that you can't wait to share.  
Note that all photos on this page were shot on an iPhone. (except as noted)

You can take beautiful photos that connect to others

Why Settle for "Good Enough"?

Technology is confusing.  Photography is an art form.  It can be intimidating. Many people settle for "good enough" photos that stir a memory but never leave their iPhone photo gallery.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if others connected to your photos and felt the same excitement that you did when you took the picture?  Imagine hanging your beautiful photos to greet visitors as they enter your home.

Simple Lessons and Techniques

Taking a great photo doesn't have to be complicated. My iPhone photography course breaks it down into lessons that build on each other. Each lesson is a simple e-book guide with a couple of practice ideas that you can do in your daily life. Then, if you want to, you can join a zoom call to discuss what you've learned and get a better understanding of the concepts.   

Yes, You Have What it takes to take Great iPhone Photos

You don't have to be a pro photographer, creative genius, or even a dedicated enthusiast to take stunning photos with an iPhone camera.   All you need is to understand your iPhone camera and know how and when to use the features it has to offer.

Course Features

This course is designed to build on what you know each month.  You'll have opportunities to practice and be sure you understand what you've learned. 

Step-by-step E-BOOK GUIDES

Written in plain English, learn how to take great photos of your family, special occasions, holidays, pets, your travels, and more.


The great thing about your iPhone is that you always have it with you. Each month includes suggestions about how to practice the lesson as you live your life and do the activities you already are doing. 

Zoom Call with Barb Gonzalez 

Have a chance to ask questions, clear up confusion, and test your understanding of the month's lesson in a live zoom call. 

Praise and Testimonials

Barb is a natural teacher. Her knowledge of technology is extensive.

She is able to tune in intuitively and focus on the level and pace needed.

I am excited about how much I have learned in just a few sessions.

~ Sandra Ayres 

Before Barb taught me some easy-to-learn photography tips, I took very mediocre food photos.

With Barb’s help, I’ve elevated my skills and my results to a whole new level! My instagram feed is something I can be proud of!

~ Terri Einbund Harris

I hired Barb Gonzalez to learn photography and editing using an iPhone, Photoshop, and multiple smartphone applications. Barb was awesome to work with! She had a lesson and task for each session, she was a subject matter expert, and she made each lesson clear and understandable.

~Chris Thorne

My Story

The below photos are from my fine art photography gallery and were not shot on an iPhone. 

I've been a photographer most of my life and a professional photographer for the past 15 years, but I earned my living writing about tech in a way that makes it simple for everyone. They called me the "Simple Tech Guru." I think my talent comes from being easily confused, but knowing how to get the answers. That beginner's mind gives me the advantage of seeing things through the eyes of a novice, cutting through the confusion, and explaining in simple terms.   

Increasingly, I've dedicated myself to improving my own skills and tutoring photography. Over the past couple of years,  I've had more and more students who want to learn to shoot with their iPhone.  As I started to learn about the iPhone camera, I discovered new features and decided it was time to help more people than those who could take lessons in person. 

I've watched as my simple suggestions and tips have completely transformed the quality of my student's photos.  They have more confidence and are excited to share their images.  And now you can have it too. 


 Getting to Know Your iPhone Camera  

Quick Guide.

Get a sample of how simple it can be. This useful iPhone camera guide has something for everyone from the novice to the pro.